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Open oBike APP and scan the QR code on the bike. You can also search for and reserve a bike in advance..Pay deposit and refund deposit. To pay deposit, please enter Member Centre, My wallet and click Pay deposit. To get a refund for your deposit, please go to My wallet, and click the link for refund deposit. You will receive your deposit within working days..To get a refund for your deposit, please go to My wallet, and click the link for refund deposit CASE has been engaging oBike on the refund of consumers’ deposits..Some former oBike customers have voiced their concerns over the online refund form, which asks for information like NRIC numbers and credit card statements.. requested for my obike deposit refund since march and after many emails chasing them, .On oBike’s site, it’s said that the refunds are supposed to be processed within days. Should one not receive their refund after working days, they can seek more information and assistance with the oBike team.. Beste Obike refund ShareJunction is a FREE Singapore Stocks, Shares, Investment and Finance portal providing share, stock investors and traders .All oBike deposit can be fully refunded upon request in our oBike application. Kindly note that it will take days for the refund process to be completed, depending on the bank that you have added to your oBike account..Days ago So far, more than , people have pursued refunds from beleaguered bike sharing company oBike, which ceased operations in Singapore late last month..OBike’s FAQ suggests that deposit refunds should take days. But some users claim they are still waiting for their money months after filing for a refund. An oBike spokesperson shared a prepared statement when Tech in Asia contacted the company for comment on the unnotified subscriptions and refund delays..


And AI Singapore’s speech recognition system with real time transcriber will be commercially available within months..Peter Walker First formal study into their impact finds that boroughs with the schemes have boosted walking and cycling rates. . @.CASE has been engaging oBike on the refund of consumers’ deposits. We have put forth our position to oBike that they should honour their contractual obligations to consumers..

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