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A new project Bucharest-Online is offered to the attention of all those who are fond of virtual trips. The project is designed to create the most comprehensive, vivid and all-embracing presentation of Romanias capital city in the web.

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In that chapter of the site Bucharest-online intended particularly for the persons who intend to visit Bucharest we present a number of reviews useful for any tourist.
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History of Romania

Placed at the civilisations crossroad, Romania, with a past as agitated as glorious, had a direct contribution to the universal history and culture. The Romanian's history is a part of the European history and maybe one with the most tumultuous events ...

Remarkable places

Located at the crossroad of great empires, with a tumultuous history, Bucharest is a town, if not monumental, then certainly full of historical and architectural monuments. The mixture of orient and occident, ancient and modern...

Business in Romania

If you are interested in the way business is done in Romania, if you travel in Bucharest with business, we offer you all you need to be informed on the general Romanian business environment. The information is structured on several categories...


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